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When people hear the term “Bitcoin” they immediately think of some virtual currency, but that is not the case with the “Insight Casino” from the Insight Poker Network. In fact, this is one of the few companies online to offer their own real-world currency. It is called “Insight Casino Dollars” and will be giving players who use it a chance to win real money at their tables.

Now this doesn’t mean that the “Insight Casino Dollar” is tied to Bitcoin, but many of the features offered are similar. For example, a player can bet on any hand with ease, even if he or she has no information about the opponent’s table or hand. He or she can also make bets when there is still time remaining, after knowing what the other players are doing. There is no more waiting for a small amount of chips to roll up before making a bet.

The table seems to be evenly matched at all times, with a small number of outs every time. The tables remain active and a player can even “whip” the dealer or house.

This feature allows for high-roller players to find out if they have enough “Insight Casino Dollars” to gamble with in order to be able to play with real money, just like they would at a casino. The benefit is that they don’t risk playing with their life savings. They can simply wager with their Insight Casino Dollars as if they were playing for real money.

The Facebook integration of the system allows the poker site to tweet out news and promotions on Twitter, where the Insight Casino player can follow along. Users can use their Twitter credentials to see which players have the lowest pockets or which hands have the highest values.

The game can be played with several other games, including “Blackjack”, “Oriental Game”, “Baccarat “and “Slots”. All of the games are quite popular, which makes the game experience fun for the players as well as interesting for the hosts.

Players who want to try the poker game can sign up for a trial account and do so for free. The free account will give them the ability to play all of the games they want without paying a penny. If they like the game, they can upgrade to an Elite Poker Account, which will allow them to play with real money in addition to using their Insight Casino Dollars to gamble.

If you’re interested in trying out the Insight Poker Network, you can visit their website and sign up for a free account. It’s a good idea to use these free services to see if they interest you, before committing to paying for a real account with bitcoin.